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A Flying Start

Haydock Commercials has delivered its first two Scania R440 Toplines of 2014 to Williams Haulage, helping the North Wales based 4PL and transportation service provider get the year off to a flying start. Williams Haulage is committed to overcoming complexities and challenges to deliver its customers’ goods and will be doing so using these two new R440 Toplines complete with two pedal Opticruise.

The new R440 Toplines with fully automatic two pedal Opticruise technology, which were delivered to Williams Haulage by the Haydock Commercials Scania depot, have become very popular with drivers and companies due to their ease of driving, as they reduce fatigue and increase safety. Scania, a pioneer in transmission systems, is one of the first manufacturers to offer an automatic gear changing system for trucks. Since introducing the technology, Scania has continued to make improvements by updating both software and mechanical components.

The Opticruise system helps with maintenance and running costs by ensuring clutches are not worn out prematurely during a gear change or incorrect gear choice. The technology also improves fuel economy by using an innovative gear changing strategy that continually adapts to the environment.

This investment sees Williams Haulage expanding its fleet capacity, enabling the company to respond quickly to its customers’ diverse requirements.