Greener Fleets Cut Costs And Carbon

Published: October 14, 2014
By: Robyn

Williams Haulage has enhanced its service offering by investing in a fully integrated fleet management system that enables the transport company to actively reduce fuel usage, cut carbon emissions and improve driving behaviours.

Using innovative tracking technology, Williams Haulage can now monitor the movements of its fleet and provide customers with as close to real time scheduling support as possible. This feature alone is having a significant impact on the way the transport team can interact positively with customers, helping them to schedule arrival times accurately wherever they may be.

The new technology is delivering a host of advantages and it can be used to monitor driving behaviours. The application evaluates driving techniques and, by assessing automated reports, Williams Haulage can ensure drivers are always performing to the best of their ability, helping to save fuel, reduce emissions and extend the life of the fleet. The cost savings of these actions are reflected in the company’s pricing policy to deliver even greater value to customers.

The company’s impact on the environment is a key consideration and by improving driving standards and fuel economy, Williams Haulage is working to reduce its carbon footprint and create a greener fleet. As a company keen to operate responsibly, this is a significant feature of this latest investment.

Commenting on the implementation of the tracking system, Head of Operations, Michael Stokes said: “This investment is enabling us to operate responsibly and add greater value to our service offering. Not only are we keen to drive down costs but we want to deliver an outstanding service for our customers and this interactive system allows us to do just that. As well as the obvious cost savings, the benefits this system brings to us as an organisation ensure we work to reduce emissions and manage driving behaviours to meet all relevant safety standards at all times.”

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